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These car fragrance diffusers will make your vehicle, or any small area, smell amazing! You decide how strong you want the scent by how often you tip the diffuser to diffuse. The diffuser will automatically saturate itself with car movement! We love these little guys. They are truly magical. 


Our diffusers currently come in two signature scents or you might get lucky and have the option of a seasonal scent. 




Cashmere Musk:

Top notes: Coconut, Amber, Pink Peppercorn, Poppy

Middle notes: Jasmine, Cocoa Butter,   Golden Amber, Soft Cotton

Base notes: Cedar Wood, Musk,   Sun-kissed Suede, Spun Sugar


Black Ice:

Top notes: Lemon-Lime, Citrus

Middle notes: Ambergris, Jasmine Powder, Lily Petals

Base notes: Moss, Woods



Each diffuser should last 30 days if used correctly. 



• unscrew top of diffuser
• take out plug
• screw top back on
• place diffuser in desired location (ex: hang from car mirror)
• tip diffuser upside down a couple of times to saturate top with oil
• repeat last step when more fragrance is needed

****Do not oversaturate top. Doing so may cause dripping which can damage surfaces.


Natural reed diffuser base, proprietary HBA scent blend.

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Vendor: Honest Bars Apothecary

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